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HRS Media – Begin here …

Human Rights Support Org. Corp. (HRS Org) is preparing the infrastructures for creating high quality and innovative multimedia products. The first huge project undertaken by HRS Org is the production of fifty series of Audio-Visual products on the fifty human rights subjects designated and ordered by the Iranian Lawyers Association (ILA). Each series, most probably to be dubbed as “One Earth, One Set of Human Rights”, will comprise a one-minute clip, a ten-minute clip, and a sixty minute documentary on each of the fifty subjects, all in the English and Persian languages.

The rendered products will be available to all the people throughout the world FREE OF CHARGE.

The products will be posted on the HRS Org’s website ( and distributed via Youtube, the application Telegram (a widely used social media application by the Iranian people) and any entity that may ask for using these products.

The first series is expected to be available in June 2019.

You may want to consider donating to show your support and care. Your contribution will help us keep our works at the highest standards and quality, do the jobs more quickly, and expand our services both content-wise and geographically to cover more regions in dire need of human rights support.

Moreover, you may want to click on the cross-links below to have a look at the following contributory competitions that are being held by the Human Rights Support Org. Corp.:

Calls for Papers
Sketches & Cartoons Contest
HRS Film Contest

You may also consider helping the human rights support projects by volunteering for certain tasks such as reviewing and literary editing certain texts and postings, technical support for multimedia productions, and the like.

Any contribution by caring people like you would be extremely important in helping us with our cause “Human Rights Support”.


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