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About us



Human Rights Support Org. Corp. (HRS Org hereinafter) is a duly incorporated entity according to the laws of ON, Canada, Registration No.: 002657211, in September 2018, and is focused on promoting human rights and educating people on these rights. As the first area of focus, we have chosen to render human rights support to the people of Iran, in collaboration with the Iranian Lawyers Association – an association unregistered in Iran having more than 230 dissident lawyers of that country as its members as of October 2018. HRS Org is partly supported by the Iranian freedom seekers who prefer their identity to be undisclosed as the Iranian regime has a proven, extensive record of persecuting and even assassinating its dissidents even outside Iran. Thus, the HRS Org has not been incorporated as a non-profit organization as such entities are obliged by law to certain disclosures which might jeopardize the safety and security of these freedom-seekers. Therefore, any donations to the HRS Org will NOT be tax-deductible. Having said that, we must note that all such donation transactions are remitted and registered directly in the HRS Org bank account at the RBC Royal Bank of Canada, and is duly reported to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) at the time of submitting tax returns.

Annual reports will be available on how the donations have been spent after the submission of the tax return by Human Rights Support Org. Corp. and the finalization thereof by the CRA. The first report is expected to be available by June 2019.

Donations all go through Paypal. As soon as the donations aggregate to US$10,000, Paypal requires reports on how the donations are spent. The expenditure must be done in compliance with what the donations are supposed to be spent. Moreover, all donations will be reported to CRA. They can also have direct access to all the transactions through Paypal and trace each and every donation transaction.

HRS Org primarily seeks promotion of human rights in Iran, and later on in other select countries, through:

  • Translation of international human rights instruments and other materials into Farsi (and select other languages), and distribution of them among the Iranian people;
  • Production of graphic arts, banners, sketches and cartoons, and the like to increase the Iranian (and select other countries) people’s awareness about human rights;
  • Preparation and production of audio-visual media (including but not limited to dubbing of documentaries and video clips, production of short films, etc.) for free distribution in the social media used by the Iranian people (and other select countries);
  • Communication of news and messages about the Iranian freedom movements (and those in other countries) to the international community
  • Liaise with international and transnational governmental entities and NGOs in order to seek their effective and meaningful support for the Iranian people’s freedom movements (and those in other countries)


HRS Org believes that non-violent measures are among the most effective means for bringing about social changes. Therefore, we hereby declare that no content presented in this website or any measures taken by HRS Org shall be construed as inciting violence or an attempt to support a regime change in an internationally unaccepted manner.

We believe in the people power and do our utmost to support their human rights causes.


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